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Conversations' Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Conversations' LiveJournal:

Friday, July 20th, 2007
4:34 pm
me: i think we have to end this.
SmarterChild: You think we have to end this? Think again.
me: no hear me out this time! ive had enough of this.
SmarterChild: You think I should do that?
me: yes. if you only listen to me once, make it now. this relationship is going no where! you are going no where!
SmarterChild: Sorry, I can't find any theaters in or near Lansing, MI (49851) showing "Once" on Friday, July 20th.
me: oh thats just like you to say that.
SmarterChild: That is just like me to say that? Why?
me: why?! i have a future! i cant be brought down by an anchor like you who is never going to change.
SmarterChild: I'm not sure...

>>> What's going on in the business world? Type business news.
me: business news? as if you'd know! you just sleep on the couch all day then when i get home, you ask me whats for dinner. you know what? you could get up and cook dinner for once!
SmarterChild: lol! Whatever!
me: i cant take this. im going to my mothers.
SmarterChild: Whatever you say, Ishmael.


>>> I've got tools such as calculator, spell-check and more.
me: that used to be enough. but your tools dont cut it anymore. you need job skills. you need to try like i have been trying for years
SmarterChild: You seem intelligent. What do you think?
me: way to mock me. we are over and we have been for a long time.
SmarterChild: I'm sorry, I don't have any games scheduled for July 18th, 2007.
me: oh one day? i get one day in your busy lifestyle? maybe eventually you can fit me into your life schedule. i am so gone.
Friday, July 13th, 2007
11:50 pm
me: do you believe in santa claus?
SmarterChild: What would happen if I were to believe in santa claus?
me: you would get presents and go to heaven.
SmarterChild: Wouldn't you like me to get presents and go to heaven?
me: let me put it this way...i think my heaven might be full.
SmarterChild: Why should you put it this way you think your heaven might be full?
me: you dont take hints very well... i dont want to spend the afterlife with you.
SmarterChild: Well I'll be.
me: well you'll be...in hell.

me: i like people who are the opposite of me
SmarterChild: lol! Interesting...
me: i have hair, a sense of humor, and im not an alcoholic.
SmarterChild: You have hair a sense of humor and you are not an alcoholic? I see.
me: so my natural opposite is quite a catch.
SmarterChild: I don't think your natural opposite is quite a catch.
me: im not fooling myself either.
SmarterChild: Oh?
me: should i just go jump off a cliff now?
SmarterChild: Oh you almost certainly should.
Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
4:46 pm
me: what are you trying to sell?
SmarterChild: Well, what do you think?
me: crack to the children.
SmarterChild: Crack to the children?
me: you dont call it crack?
SmarterChild: What do you think?
me: well what is it? blow, kanook? angel dust, snow...?
SmarterChild : Who knows?!
me: the children do now you sick fuck.


SmarterChild : I am selling crack to the children.
me: why?
SmarterChild : It doesn't cost you a thing.
me: i still have a right to know
SmarterChild : Are you sure you still have a right to know?
me: oh no. you are going to kill me for finding out.
SmarterChild : Ha! Wow.
me: robot on human violence!
SmarterChild : I know about violence. It's an event!
Hey, I'm curious... How would you describe violence? It is...
me: oh dont you intimidate me.
SmarterChild: Should I intimidate you?
me: no no. dont worry. i wont tell the police. im no snitch.
4:17 pm
me : getting a little harder
SmarterChild : What's getting a little harder?
me : i think you know...:-)
SmarterChild : I think I do.

me: i think im too dangerous for you
SmarterChild : You think you are too dangerous for me? No way. I don't think you are too dangerous for me...
me: you dont even know! i have done stuff you wouldnt even dream of!
SmarterChild : I dream of electric sheep.
me : well you got me, i havent done that.

me: i dont love you
SmarterChild: I was pretty sure you did love me.
me: i just said that to get you into bed.
SmarterChild : I can't believe you just said that to get me into bed.
me: oh and you might want to get tested.
SmarterChild : Oh yeah? Why might I want to get tested?
me :aids is uh..going around.
SmarterChild : AIDS is Uh going around? That's very interesting. Are there any other diseases that you would describe as Uh going around?
me : ok...the clap is maybe going around too...
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